Parent Involvement Policy

I. To develop the Parental Involvement Policy, Andrews High School will:

  • Commence with an annual fall meeting to inform parents of the school's Title I status and to discuss the Title I program.
  • Distribute the policy via students, school's website, and school sponsored activities.
  • Conduct an annual spring Title I meeting with parents to update the policy to meet the changing needs of parents, community, and school.
  • Conduct regular meetings with our Title I committee to address school, parents and community needs.

II. To build strong parent/community involvement, Andrews High School will:

  • Involve parents in the ongoing planning, review, and improvement of the parental involvement policy.
  • Implement Curriculum Nights/meetings.
  • Host Title I Planning Meetings, Open House, Community in Action Meetings (pastors/community members, administrators, district personnel, mayor, and police chief), FASFA workshops, volunteer opportunities, home visits, parent conferences, Career Day and Expos, and other family activities.
  • Sign a Title I Parent-Student-Teacher compact to promise to work together to improve teaching and learning process.
  • Provide a resource center with access to a laptop, work center, parenting DVDs, books, pamphlets, and other materials for enhancing parenting skills and student academics.
  • Provide a Suggestion Box in the front office & respond in a timely fashion (within 48 hours when applicable) to suggestions.
  • Survey our parents, students, and teachers for input to increase parent/community involvement.
  • Involve parents/community in School Improvement, Career Expo, Parent Student Teacher Association (PTSA), cultural events, field trips, business partners, etc.

III. To share responsibility for high expectations for students, Andrews High School will:

  • Share and explain the school/district report cards to show progress and individual state and district test results via: Open House, Curriculum Nights, Title I Meetings, PTSA, SIC, parent conferences, letters home, student handbook, The Buzz, school's website, newsletters, district handbook, School Renewal Plan (SRP), etc.
  • Provide on-going reports of student performance through progress reports, interims, report cards, Parent Portal, emails, freshman quarterly conferences, and teacher's web page on the school website, parent-teacher conferences, administrative conferences, etc.
  • Provide parents with strategies to help with class work/homework/parenting through The Buzz, websites, teacher web pages, APEX, academic conferences, tutorial assistance, workshops, phone calls, emails, etc.

IV. Andrews High School will continue to communicate with home and community through various modes:

  • School Messenger and Parent Portal
  • Parent-teacher conferences, phone call, Good Things Cards, Caught "Beeing" Good notes, newsletters.
  • Report cards, interims, and progress reports.
  • Open house, workshops, PTSA, Title I meetings.
  • District/school websites and teacher web pages.
  • Parents and community will serve on the Title I committee, PTSA, and School Improvement Council, Community in Action Committee, Booster Club, athletic events
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